About the book

Celebrate the power of showing up and speaking up for peace, equality, and care for our planet. When we march, we use our feet, voices, and hearts. Even the smallest among us have a voice!

When we march, we use our feet
to follow the crowd,
and to lead.
We go outside under one big sky, together.

WHEN WE MARCH explores what it feels like—from your head, to your heart, to your toes—to stand up for values that are fundamental to us all. Written by Kimberly Rae Gilbert and illustrated by Shannon Frabbiele,  this children’s picture book explains why citizens—even the very youngest!—in a democracy take to the streets in peaceful protest.

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Spread the message of democracy for all

Every purchase of WHEN WE MARCH supports the same civic values the book champions. We, the creators, pledge to re-invest proceeds from the book in efforts to promote civic participation and education. Why? Because democracy is a verb! And we’re all in this together!

Thanks to our tireless cheerleaders and generous Kickstarter backers, we have boxes of beautiful books to share. To date, we have donated 87 books to schools, libraries, and organizations that serve disadvantaged communities all over the country. Bulk donation recipients include: The Children’s Book Project, Room to Grow, and Reading to End Racism, with more to come!

Art credit: Shannon Frabbiele