Books, books for sale!

Thanks to our tireless cheerleaders and generous Kickstarter backers, we now have boxes of beautiful books ready to pack and ship across the country (and the world)!

If you missed your chance to get your own copy during the fundraising campaign, don’t fear. You can buy a book the old-fashioned way! Here’s how:

  • Send an email to 
  • Let us know how many books you’d like and where to send them.
  • We’ll reply with a price total ($25 per book including tax/shipping).
  • Then you pop a check in the mail, and we send out your order.

We’re going “old school” for now because we’re running a lean machine and the less % of sales we give to Amazon or PayPal or any other ecommerce engine, the more we have to fund our promise to use this book to support causes that sing its message of democracy for all.

Every purchase of WHEN WE MARCH will support the same civic values the book champions. We, the creators, pledge to invest 100% of the proceeds in efforts to promote civic participation and education. Why? Because democracy is a verb! And we’re all in this together!

We couldn’t wait to break into the box!

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