Energized by the Denver Womxn’s March!

This past weekend, on Saturday, January 18, 2020, we returned to the scene of the inspiration for When We March: Denver’s Womxn’s March. We joined an estimated 10,000 people to support the “Our Vote Is Our Voice” theme. Only this time, instead of holding up signs, we were sharing our book!

The post-march Expo—which showcased 60 local non-profits, grassroots organizations, and activist artists—gave us the gift of space and time to have important conversations with marchers.

We met groups of friends who’ve been marching together for decades, family groups representing multiple generations, and small children who are already veteran march participants (one girl’s shirt said it best, simply: “Future!”). We signed books destined for classrooms and church bookshelves. We signed books for babies just born, for friends who were too sick to march, and for elderly parents who inspired civic action long ago. We sent books home with grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, and teachers—and sometimes with someone who just wanted a fundamental reminder about why we march.

Thanks to all these exchanges, we raised $300 for Womxn’s March Denver and received dozens of donation suggestions for local organizations, schools, and libraries where we can send the book to keep spreading its message: Even the very smallest among us have a say in our future.

We’re so grateful for this opportunity to share smiles, energy, and hope!

— Kimberly & Shannon

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