‘Reading to End Racism’ with YWCA

On December 20, 2019, I was honored to read When We March at Barnes & Noble in Boulder, Colorado as part of the YWCA Boulder County Reading to End Racism book fair event. We had an enthusiastic crowd, of both kids and their adults, who chanted along with each turn of the page (“When we march …!”) and then participated in a craft activity to create a “mini march” out of index cards and popsicle sticks!

Every time I share this book, I am amazed at how bountifully the love I’m trying to send out overwhelmingly comes back at me. Reading this book with audiences young and old has generated thoughtfulness, passion, generosity, and teamwork. While Shannon and I began this journey wanting to create something that could put hope into the world, we have have received back so much more than we imagined.

“Hope” is a common sentiment during the holiday season as we wish our loved ones a year of peace ahead. Yet hope can be hard to come by amongst the political noise and growing concerns about the future of our planet. Plugging one’s head firmly in the sand often seems like the only sane option. Instead, for the past three years, we have put our heads (and hearts!) into celebrating the joy and hopefulness of democratic participation. Here’s to keeping that up in 2020!

— Kimberly

Here’s a video of the event:

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