The creators

About Us

Kimberly Rae Gilbert, author and publisher

I am a professional writer and editor with fifteen years’ experience covering business, government policy, and litigation. Essentially, I write about how the adult world works. But by writing and sharing WHEN WE MARCH with young audiences, I joyfully get a chance to examine the underlying purpose and values of the rules we set for ourselves—and to do so with those among us who know best how to get to the very heart of a matter.

I live and write in Boulder, Colorado, cheered on by my husband and two daughters. And I love that I get to work on this project with my cousin Shannon. After all, we’ve been imagining and creating together since we were kids!

Shannon Frabbiele, illustrator

Cartooning has been a hobby of mine since grade school. I remember lining the margins of school notebooks with doodles and passing comic strips back and forth with my best friend about our lives. It seemed to me at the time that when you lack the words to express yourself you might have the drawing.

This is especially true for children. I have been a teacher for more than twelve years and have been exposed to different learning environments and socioeconomic statuses. Children need models of advocacy and lots of practice doing it themselves. 

When Kimberly and I attended the inaugural Women’s March together in Denver, Colorado in 2017, I saw people everywhere had the words; it became my mission to create illustrations that represented the energy of that day, the commitment of the people, and to say to the readers of this book, and young people everywhere, that the wishes and dreams we think about in the quiet moments of our lives have a place in this world to be explored, shared, and celebrated.

Our Community

Bringing WHEN WE MARCH to life has been a true team effort. From the beginning, this project—which we conceived as a charitable endeavor to reach as many kids as possible —has had a momentum all its own. Everyone we’ve told about the book has said, “Sounds great; how can I help?” We have been the lucky recipients of valuable feedback, gracious encouragement, and helpful guidance from friends, family, educators, parents, children, fellow writers and illustrators, editors, publishing professionals, web designers, graphic designers, artists, photographers, business owners, attorneys, and more.

That’s why, after exploring all our publishing options (which involved some very encouraging rejection letters from Big Five publishers!), we decided to self-publish. Or to put it better: to crowd-publish. After all, what better way to bring to life a book that celebrates our interdependence and collective might than to crowdfund? So stay tuned for news about our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. And thanks for joining the WHEN WE MARCH community!

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